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A non-profit group working to enhance rail service in Maine and New England



Updated: 2/5/2018


Our new 2018 New England Rail maps were introduced, along with a 1910 version of the same area, at the Amherst Model RR train show at the Big E in West Springfield, on Saturday January 27. They both were big sellers and are now available for mail purchasing on the same date. Even though the 1910 map is not on our order list, and is available as a rolled paper map, The price is the same as our 2018 rolled paper map. To request one, simply wrtie it plainly on the order form and enclose a check for the amount ordered.

Our next scheduled meeting will be March 28, 2018 at 6 PM thru 8 PM, at the Augusta City Hall, 1st floor.

The next show will be the Lions Club model train and doll house show at the Augusta, ME Armory on Feb 17th. Hope to see you there. Stop by to say Hello, and possibly purchase some of our items available for sale to help support our various Railroading programs!

Members and non-members alike, can assist with our program by promoting train ridership (AMTRAK and Commuter) to the rest of the public.

We encourage riding the DownEaster to points south and return, and for those to the South of us, come up to visit Portland, Freeport, Brunswick, and other Maine sites. It actually does reduce emissions to the atmosphere, but also reduces traffic on our highways. It is also much less stress for the trip, and the cost is comparable, or even less than other means, depending on parking and final destination in Boston. Free Wi-Fi is always available. If you have not ridden the train - "Try it, you might even like it!"

AN IMPORTANT STATEMENT FROM MRG,Inc. and OPERATION LIFESAVER - "Any time you cross a railroad track, LOOK BOTH WAYS, before crossing!  You never know: If you don't look, it might be the last thing you don't do!*BE SAFE*"

A Huge "THANK YOU" to our military members and their families."






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