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MRG, Inc. (Maine Rail Group) is a non-profit, all-volunteer, unaffiliated, 501C-3 organization formed in 1988 and dedicated to enhancing rail services in Maine and New England through education, advocacy and historical appreciation.  Our Interests include support for realistic opportunities to expand freight and passenger services in connection with related modes of transportation.  We take special interest in opportunities to utilize Maine’s state-owned railroads to their fullest advantage and to restore idle lines for productive rail service.

Our educational outreach includes our annually updated railroad maps of New England, also used as a fundraiser, showing the interconnectivity of regional railroads and their current status as to operators and activity.  With the completion, during 2008, of our project to restore three former Norfolk and Western passenger cars, proceeds from our map project and monetary gifts can now be focused on map updates and our educational and advocacy interests.

One method of supporting MRG, Inc’s goals is the purchase of our popular Railroad map of New England’s operating railroads, updated bi-annually, showing the interconnectivity of New England’s rail lines and their current status as to operators and activity.  Also included are locations of several museums and small operational lines.

You can view a copy of our map by clicking HERE.  A pricelist and order form is also available.  All funds received are added to our tax deductable donations and are used solely for our various rail supportive and educational programs.

Click here for membersip applicationMembership in MRG. Inc., is another method of supporting our goals.  If you have like or similar visions for rail usage, membership fees assist with the same programs listed above.  Membership also includes our bi-monthly newsletter.  We welcome active and passive members equally.  Have a chance to include your voice with ours

MRG, Inc. invites inquiries and welcomes interested persons and/or organizations to become members.


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